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The prices below are to be considered NOT subject to VAT

For particular samples, evaluable only after a careful analysis in our laboratory, the prices could undergo small variations in the estimate which will be immediately communicated to the customer.


Thin section consistent sample18.00 50.00
Thin section on inconsistent sample20.00
Thin section on separate (sand, dust)20.00
Polished thin section (SEM / Microprobe)25.00
Polished thin section on separate25.00
Polishing of thin sections10.00
Polished mineral section (6mm / 9mm)30.00 60.00
Cover glass1.00
Section box (25 sections)10.00
Special thin sections (ex. KIMBERLITE)50.00
Minerographic Polished Briquette (25mm)30.00
Cutting Rock Samples2.00
Thin sections of archaeological, artistic, mortar and plaster (oriented and non-oriented). Standard
Thin section on inconsistent sample20.00
Polished thin sections25.00
CROSS-SECTION pictorial surfaces25.00
Staining with blue-epoxy and fluorescent dye2.00
Staining with Alizarina red1.00
Staining with Potassium Ferrocyanide1.00
Cover glass1.00
Thin sections on Bones, Teeth, Wood and Vegetable Fibers30.00
Thin Sections on Water-Sensitive Samples50.00
Thin Sections for Archaeometry20.00
Fluid Inclusions, thin sections and ultrathin sections, double polished, metallography. Standard
Thin section double polished for Fluid Inclusions (100-150 microns)35.00
Ultra-thin section double polished (10/15 microns)50.00
Thin section double polished for Laser Ablation (100/400 microns)35.00
Ultra-thin section double polished (5 microns)40.00
Polished thin section with quartz microscope slide50.00